Water Recycling

Save money while protecting the planet

Water Recycling DropfallWaste water discharges costs have risen dramaticaly in recent years and a more steeper increase is expected in coming years. With Repura Water Recycling services you can make use of the best available water treatment technologies to reclaim waste water and reuse it for virtually every industrial water-consuming process.


Make drinkable any type of water

Potabilization - water on glassAs drinking water costs are expected to double in the next few years, Repura can help you turn any source of water (e.g. sea water or underground water) into drinkable, ultra-pure water.

Project Management

Contract management from A to Z

Image by ppreacher. Visit You can leave the headaches of multiple contracts management to us. While you focus on your business, we assure deadlines and targets are met.


Eliminate the risks of draught for your business

DesalinationSea water accounts for 97% of Earths water resources. If your business is located next to the sea, we can help you unleash the potential of drinking-quality dessalinated sea water to eliminate the risk of water scarcity.

Rainwater Harvesting

Simple solutions to increase water usage efficiency

Rainwater HarvestingRainwater is free of charge. Repura can help you harvest and store rainwater on rainy seasons for use in dry periods.

Emergency Mobile Units

Provide relief in fresh water scarcity situations

Image by tome123. Visit water treatment systems can be mounted on a truck or trailor to ensure you will never face water scarcity issues, wherever you are.

Training & Consultancy

Build in-house capacity to manage your water resources

Training & Consultancy - LightbulbIf water management is critical for your activity, the best step would be to keep employees updated on state-of-the-art water treatment and reuse technologies.