Commercial & Industrial Laundries

Save money by saving waterRECLAIM WASTE WATER

If your laundry business accounts for more than 4m3 of water consumption per day, then you're a good candidate to consider our water saving services for laundries. Through pre-filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies, laundries wastewater can be successfully reused, meaning that you will cut on water, sewage and energy bills.


Moreover, water quality can be optimized through an additional treatment stage by means of Ozone or UV desinfection and optimize PH and hardness levels. This means you can improve the efficiency of each wash cycle while extending the life of your washing machines.


  1. Reduce water consumption up to 90%;
  2. Reduce sewage costs and taxes;
  3. Save on energy costs;
  4. Extend the life of your washing equipment


  • 2 sqm of free space
  • Allow an average of 3 months from purchase to startup.

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