Hotels & Golf Facilities


Water used for cleaning, washing and toilets usually account for around 50% of total water expenditures in a hotel. Repura has service pack for hotels to allow reducing these costs drastically, without compromising the quality of the service your guests are used to.

Currently available technologies allow you to treat wastewater from a variety of sources, ready to be reused in several operations:

  • Recover waste shower water to be used in toilets;
  • Reuse wastewater from your laundry;
  • Use reclaimed wastewater for use in watering your golf course or garden;
  • Use clean and desinfected recovered wastewater in housekeeping tasks;
  • Use reclaimed waste water for Fire Water Circuit.


Repura can help you eliminate the impact of water shortages and droughts in your Hotel or Golf business. Our Holtels & Golf service pack uses ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies to provide you with alternative sources of water:

  • Use dessalinated sea water for laundry, pools, watering or cleaning;
  • Harvest rainwater during rainy seasons and use it on dry periods for garden or golf course watering.


  1. Drastic reduction in water consumption costs;
  2. Eliminate the risks of water shortages;
  3. Reduce sewage costs and taxes;
  4. Share with your guests your eco-friendly operation.


  • A separate greywater piping system is advised by sanitary best practices and required by some countries' legislation;

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