Car Wash Stations

Image by Daniel K. Gebhart. Visit for detailsRECLAIM WASTE WATER

Water and sewage bills typically account for a significant part of the overall costs of managing a Car Wash business. With Repura, if your car wash water consumption is higher than 5m3/day, you can slash those costs in half. By using pre-filtration, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis equipment you can reuse up to 60% of your waste water.


Additionally, water quality can be optimized (for odor, PH and hardness) through additional treatment stages. This means you can improve the efficiency of each wash cycle while extending the life of your car washing equipment.


  1. Reduce water consumption up to 60%;
  2. Reduce sewage costs and taxes;
  3. Use less chemicals;
  4. Extend the life of your washing equipment.


  • 5 sqm of free space
  • Allow an average of 3 months from purchase to startup.

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