Industry-specific Targeted Services

We understand the specific challenges each industry has regarding water consumption. That's why Repura has developed a set of industry-specific services targeted to reduce water consumption expenditures.

Check out Repura services for:

Laundry moneyCommercial & Industrial Laundries

Reduce up to 90% on your water consumption.

Currently available technology allows to recycle waste water and optimize water quality for another wash cycle. This allows for reduction in water and energy costs while assuring longer life for your washing equipment. 

HotelsHotels & Golf Facilities

Reduce operating costs whithout compromising guest service.

Hotels and Golf facilities can bebefit from a wide range of possibilities to reduce water consumption related costs. These possibilities include laundry efficiency, rainwater harvesting, graywater recycling for irrigation and even Desalination of sea water. All this can be acheived without compromising your service to your guests.

TextilesTextile Industry

Reduce water and energy costs in dyeing and washing processes.
Acheive near zero-discharge

By reclaiming waste water from the dyeing and washing processes for reuse in the same or different processes, you can save both on water, energy and discharge expenditures. Ultimately, available technology allow for near zero-discharge. 

Image by Daniel K. Gebhart. Visit for detailsCar Wash Stations

Save money on water, energy and chemicals usage.

We can help you save money by recovering and treating the wastewater after each wash cycle. Additionally we can optimize water quality for the next wash process. This way you can reduce costs and at the same time maintain an eco-friendly operation.